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I get excited and am fascinated by human nature and how we, as people, process and judge our own and other’s experiences through photography. I adore that relationship between the photographer, sitter and ultimately the viewer, and what occurs during those interactions. The photographer always wants that little bit extra, that piece of someone that lies hidden, that tiny gateway into the soul, and there begins the battle! As the sitter only wants to be viewed as best they can be and fights not to reveal their true selves. The viewer then brings their own personal idealized concepts of self to the table and seeing themselves reflected in others and judge what is in front of them with whatever prejudices they may own.


Digital: I am an Adobe expert in Photoshop and can create a portrait in any style or genre you like.

5x4 Film: For a more vintage look I can shoot your portrait in black and white or colour.

Collodion wetplate: This process was invented in 1851 and was shot on iron or glass plates. Nowadays I shoot on black aluminium or glass, but the chemical process is the same as it was way back then, so I can take your portriat using and 1894 camera. The image is a one off.





Strange funny and sometimes interesting posts, mainly featuring photography.


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